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Our Volunteers

OUR VOLUNTEERS:Volunteers may work in fire and rescue as their profession but many of our volunteers work outside the fire and rescue scope. No matter what career path you may choose there is a place for you to volunteer with our companies.
Volunteers are people who unselfishly give of their time to help others, they are dedicated individuals who train hard, go the extra mile and are ready in a moment’s notice when the call comes in to help their neighbors in need.

People Volunteer as Firefighters and EMS workers because they wish to:
-make a contribution to their community
-use their skills and experience
 -to explore one’s own strengths
-to network and meet other people
-to belong to something they can be proud of
-improve job opportunities by obtaining training to pursue a career
-fulfill their dream of becoming a firefighter or EMT

The fire and rescue services are a proud tradition here in Washington County and we want that tradition to continue…
we offer different volunteer opportunities:
-Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
-fund raising
-maintenance (building, grounds and equipment)

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